Chief Designer Department

There are two main stages of designing of the project documentation: KM and KMD drawings. Design of the KMD is based on the KM and is used for manufacturing steel structures at the plant and installing them on a building site.
The field of activity of the Chief Designer department is designing a set of the KMD drawings in accordance with the KM, provided by the Customer.
If necessary, the department can develop complex design documentation, which cost and terms are defined within 5 calendar days from the moment of receiving technical task on the Internet or by mail.

Projects with our documentation designing experience:
common metal structures:
• crane and loading ramps,
• shopping centers and facilities,
• entertainment and sports centers,
• construction of deposit facilities,
• warehouses, storage buildings,
• agricultural buildings and facilities,
• floodlight towers,
• blast furnaces,
• pavilions,
• pipeline supports,
• separate metal links and supports, electric line and antenna supports,
• metal galleries,
• masts,
• oil-pipelines,
• gas-pipelines,
• sheet structures,
• smoke and discharge flues,
• water towers,
• bunkers and silos,
• metal structures for petrol stations, service stations and car washes,
• elements of outdoor advertising,
• elevator shafts.
metal structures for civil and industrial frame buildings (consisting of such structures as columns of weld and composite section, roof and floor beams, ventilation skylights, farms, framed structures, structure junctions, trusses, poles, steel crosspieces, steel supports, purlings, crane girders, platforms, transitions, stairs and platform rails and other filler structures, stairways and ladders, brackets, hoods and sheds, metal gates, etc.)
metal structures for horizontal tanks from 10m3 to 100m3 and vertical tanks from 100 m3 to 75,000 m3:
• tanks of small and medium volume with conical roofs;
• large volume tanks with spherical roofs;
• vessels with floating roofs;
• vessels of casemate, trench type for underground storage;
• isothermal containers;
• wet gas tanks.

Our task is to save time for design by reducing labor intensiveness and introducing new technologies into the production process with simultaneous minimization of potential errors and inaccuracies in the documentation without quality losses of the implementing project.

Our experts are qualified engineers who are passionate about their work, using modern software, graphics and design programs.

Our work is a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety of steel structures.

The benefits we provide to the Customer in terms of designing:
• technical support of the produced KMD designs, beginning with production preparation and ending with installation works on the site;
• delivery of the project in parts - structures can be produced at the same time with designing, especially when the delivery terms of the project are shortened to minimum;
• the ability to transfer a solid model of a metal structure to the Customer - to hasten production and assembly of steel structures;
• full disclosure of the mounting connections data (including information on wire products) directly at the installation diagrams, wiring diagrams, list of drawings for the project, reports on use of metal-roll for the project.

Everything stated above greatly simplifies and optimizes metal cutting, order of welding and selection of anti-corrosion coating materials, systematizes information on details and marks, simplifies fabrication, assembly and installation of the individual marks, as well as the entire facility as a whole.

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As of today 1,200 tons of steel structures for the construction of new safe confinement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been shipped. All terms on the contract are met, no reclamations.

The modernization of the gas-plasma facility, released in 2011, has been carried out for the purpose of expansion of production capacity.

Shipment of tanks to Kazakhstan has been completed. The contract has been executed on time and without reclamations from the customer.

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Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons

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