Wet Gasholders

Wet gasholders consist of the following basic structures:
• Water basin (tank).
• Movable bell without bottom, but with hermetically tight walls and a roof, located within a basin (tank).
• Telescope – a movable cylinder without bottom and a roof, but with hermetically tight walls, having a special link in the upper part, called a gate. The telescope is located between the walls of a bell and a basin (tank).
• Guides for vertical movement of a bell and a telescope with special rollers. The external guides are installed outside of a gasholder and attached to the basin walls. These guides are connected between themselves by sites, which quantity shall be not less than the number of links, struts and braces, forming a spatial lattice shell. The internal guides are attached to the inner side of the basin wall (as they move internal rollers of a telescope or a bell), and to the telescope (as they move the internal bell rollers).
• Circular foundation.

Gasholders with volume of up to 6000 m3 inclusive are usually single-mess (i.e. without a telescope), and gasholders with larger volume are two-tier. Gas, entering a gasholder, raises the bell by its pressure that in turn hooks the reverse telescope gate and begins to rise with it. At the same time the bell gate hooks the water from a basin, and as a result a gas-tight cushion is formed withstanding gas pressure in a gasholder.
The proper motion of a bell and a telescope and the limitation of their wrap during the movement are performed by means of external (upper) rollers, rolling along the inner guides. The internal bell rollers in a single-mess gasholder roll along the basin guides, and in a two-tier gasholder - along the telescope guides; the external rollers in gasholders of both types roll along the basin guides.
In the absence of internal pressure, a bell and a telescope rely on the special stands, mounted to the basin bottom under the lower rings of a bell and a telescope.
The maximum pressure within a gasholder occurs in the highest bell position and depends on the weight of a bell and telescopes, cantledges located at water gates, volume and specific weight of the gas stored in the gasholder.

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As of today 1,200 tons of steel structures for the construction of new safe confinement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been shipped. All terms on the contract are met, no reclamations.

The modernization of the gas-plasma facility, released in 2011, has been carried out for the purpose of expansion of production capacity.

Shipment of tanks to Kazakhstan has been completed. The contract has been executed on time and without reclamations from the customer.

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