Cold Bending

Cold bending is used in the manufacture of parts of pipelines, gas pipelines, tanks, sheet structures of blast furnaces, gas holders, silos, bunkers, monorails and formed sections. Bending of parts in the cold state is performed by sheet-bending rollers, sheet-bending presses, roll-bending machines, horizontal bending and straightening presses and mechanical presses.
Sheet-bending rollers run rolling of sheet steel to form cylindrical, conical, spherical and saddle-shaped surfaces and ring bending (rolling) of section steel (angles, channels, I-beams). Sheet-bending presses produce roll-formed sections and perform bending of sheet steel under an angle. Rolling of angles, channels and beams is produced on roll-bending machines. Horizontal bending and straightening presses perform ring bending (rolling) of section steel (angles, channels, I-beams), bending of section steel under an angle, bending of strip steel to edge.
To avoid structural changes, significant hardening or complete loss of plastic properties of the steel during cold bending of the designed elements, the permanent elongation shall not extend the yield point. The smallest radius of curvature, at which bending of the designed elements in the cold state is permitted, shown in ДБН B.2.6-163: 2010.

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As of today 1,200 tons of steel structures for the construction of new safe confinement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been shipped. All terms on the contract are met, no reclamations.

The modernization of the gas-plasma facility, released in 2011, has been carried out for the purpose of expansion of production capacity.

Shipment of tanks to Kazakhstan has been completed. The contract has been executed on time and without reclamations from the customer.

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Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons

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